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Eric Eugene Smith

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That's right people it's a 50lb Star mechanical hammer and it's for sale!  For the low price of 2500 dollars you could be the owner of this fine piece of American made machinery.  But wait there's more!  Not only will you be buying a super awesome hammer, you will be buying a super awesome hammer with almost every single replacement part.  Replacement parts include an extra set of dies, a ram, a bow spring, fly wheel and treadle linkage.  This hammer hits hard and I have never had a single problem with it since I bought it in 2006.  With the body size of a 25lb Little Giant this hard hitting 50lb beast is easy to move around the shop and will be sold with a base that can be picked up with a forklift or pallet jack.  What a bargain!


Thanks to Wayne Garfield of  Garfield Welding from Orleans Massachusetts  for buying my old trip hammer.  I am going to use that money to buy a new fly press!


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